Name & Values


Ironclad Capital’s name evokes the legacy and development of naval ship construction. During the American Civil War, the Union and Confederate Navies pioneered one of the greatest shipbuilding innovations of all time: sheathing massive iron plates over a ship’s wooden hulls to create an “ironclad.” Ironclad vessel engineers relied heavily on the wooden vessel construction and the expertise of prior generations while they added-on and took ship construction into a new era. In a similar manner, Ironclad Capital seeks to invest in a private company with solid fundamentals, build on a tried-and-true legacy, and take the company into a new era of growth and steadfast strength.


Ironclad Capital holds to the supremacy of integrity and the time-tested values of honesty, the Golden Rule, and stewardship in everything we do.

  • Integrity

    Our word is our bond, and integrity is the best route to long-term value creation.

  • Service

    We hold to the Golden Rule. We believe truly great businesses have a service-oriented mindset and are the first to give, not take.

  • Excellence

    We believe in working hard and working smart. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and our partners do the same.

  • Stewardship

    We are long-term oriented and believe in being a productive and responsible steward of all we’ve been given, from resources to employees to suppliers to customers.

Our word is our bond

A legacy of integrity

long-term value